National Small Business Association Recognizes Ken Rivenbark

During the recess many members of the Leadership Council met with their Members of Congress, their staff and attended town hall meetings, etc.  I would like to share with you an event which was hosted by Leadership Council member, Dr. Ken Rivenbark from Huntsville, AL and owner of Rivenbark & Roper Antiques.   Through Ken’s efforts, Dale Strong, Chairman, Madison County Commission proclaimed August 26 as “Small Business Day” in Madison County along with special guest, Representative Mo Brooks AL-5. The event attracted more than 50 small businesses.  I am attaching the announcement and the press release from the meeting.  An event such as Ken’s brings a spotlight on small businesses and their concerns to a legislator representing their district. As a member of the Leadership Council, Ken has positioned himself as a go to on small business issues with the congressman and staff.


I know that many of you have had meetings this summer and we would like to hear from you.  These types of interactions with your legislators not only helps you but it gives NSBA insight.  Now when there are issues that affect small business owners in Alabama-5 the congressman’s office now has a point of contact and visa versa.


Having put together such an event, Ken is happy to give you some pointers; what to do and not to do. Of course, NSBA and its’ staff are here to support and provide guidance.


This was “leadership in action”.


With best regards,



Meryl Tiemann

Director of Outreach

National Small Business Association

1156 15th Street, NW, Suite 502

Washington, DC  20005